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Post by Guest on Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:17 am

Timeline of Pyyria:

14.0 Billion B.C.
Phantom was born.
Shardas was born.
Kazumi was born.
The Devil(Verioth) was born.

4.5 Billion B.C.
Pyyria was created.
Shiamaedosu was born.

4 Billion B.C.
Dragons were created.
Plants were created.
Water was created.
Magma was created.
Oxygen and other gases were created.
Rock was created.
Dragons became cannibalistic.

3.99 Billion B.C.
Other animals, such as deer, humans, etc. were created.
Dragons began to hunt other animals instead of themselves.

3.7 Billion B.C.
Intelligence in dragons began to grow.

2.0 Billion B.C.
Dragons gained their elemental powers and adapted to the growing oxygen rates.

999.9 Million B.C.
Dragons began to grow new abilities, such as extra wings, the ability to morph into shadows, living in extreme temperatures.

9.5 Million B.C.
Magic was created.

9.3 Million B.C.
Vampirism was spread.

9.0 Million B.C.
Dragons began to come together to form small packs.
Fighting for females was created.

5.5 Million B.C.
Nightmare was born.
Dragon packs began to claim territory.
New features on dragons were distinguishable, such as feathers and fins.

5.0 Million B.C.
Flame was born.
Nightmare became leader of her pack.
Dragons intelligence rose.
Dragons began to use magic to defend territory and hunt.

4.5 Million B.C.
Flame became leader of her pack.
Nightmare gave birth to Shadowfury.
Rock was born.

4.0 Million B.C.
Shadowfury became leader of his pack.
Rock became leader of his pack.
Flame gave birth to Flare.

3.5 Million B.C.
Shadowfury made a deal with Verioth. Shadowfury became a demon.
Flare became leader of her pack.
Rock mated with Flower.
Flower gave birth to Earth.

3.0 Million B.C.
Shadowfury mated with Nightstalker.
Night was born.
Earth became leader of his pack.
Flare gave birth to Fire.
Ocean was born.
Lightning was born.
Icicle was born.

2.5 Million B.C.
First vampire came into existence.
Night became leader of her pack.
Packs became Tribes.
The NightWings was created.
The EarthWings were created.
Fire became leader of his pack.
Ocean became leader of her pack.
Icicle became leader of his pack.
Lightning became leader of his pack.

2.0 Million B.C.
FireWings were created.
Ocean gave birth to Sea.
Lightning mated with Jewel.
Sky was born.
Ice was born.

1.5 Million B.C.
Sea became leader of her tribe.
SeaWings were created.
Sky became leader of her tribe.
SkyWings were created.
Ice became leader of her tribe.
IceWings were created.

the way, if you read the spoiler, I know dragons cant live this long. I just put this together real quickly. I'll edit it so it makes more sense later.

Yea, so this is obviously not a complete timeline, but you get the jazz. Should we make a timeline or no?


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Post by Sleenia on Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:32 pm

Trinyah why there are many weird answers? can you do it in a more serious way? I mean, it looks like you feel attaked or are provoke
I don't really feel like to choose one...I will anyway but i hope in a more clear post

told in some way it looks cool, it would be interesting but, if you stop a moment and think, it can be appliead in another manner because it have many bad effects, like to loose a charachter forever, and be forced by the time that keep going, when this can be done other ways
as i said

timeline, to me, should be a free choice of the user
If one want to age the charachter or not it should be a free choice, also how fast
plus, one can open topics when the character is younger and maybe about the future, showing a older dragon
or, just keep the original charachter as its born and roleplay with it in the best possible way

I feel like users are forced if this thing will be applied globally to the forum, and i'm of the idea that one should feel free and in good roleplaying and being able to rejoice
This obviously does not mean the absence of rules or discipline, which is missing, however, when one does not reply to a roleplay anymore and will not warn the others players, causing discomfort and forcing others to wait, without knowing if they can have access or continue to wait for that user. I think this makes the site a bit 'chaotic, it need to be taken with more seriousness and responsibility by everyone, staff and users.


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Post by Chibi on Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:42 am

I like the idea, but if our dragons do age, I want them to age with me, not charging through the months.

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Post by Erinyes on Sat Aug 23, 2014 5:29 am

Chibi wrote:I like the idea, but if our dragons do age, I want them to age with me, not charging through the months.
see? it's more or less what i was trying to explain, (also, some of mine charachter age with me, other not, or i use them playiong with others with the age i want) someone should be free to apply this independently


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Post by Celestia on Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:36 pm

I think I'm against the timeline idea.


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