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Malijirix, Traveler.

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Malijirix, Traveler. Empty Malijirix, Traveler.

Post by Malijirix on Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:07 pm

Malijirix, Traveler. Blue_Dragon_by_BenWootten
Personal Info
Name: Malijirix
Nickname: Mal
Age: 953
Gender: Male
Personality: Malijirix is a cautious dragon, not exposing himself without good reason in a unfamiliar land. Easily offended and quick to attack, this dragon has lived much of his life alone in the forest. Causing him to become seemingly feral and eccentric. He judges each moment separately and acts quickly and often times instinctively.

Interests: Malijirix prefers roaming the lands, searching out anything that can be of use. From seeking out bountiful hunting grounds to viable areas to mine minerals from. Finding suitable lairs though is what he seeks, using any tricks or skills to find or create a lair and hide it from any prying eyes. He also seeks out possible mates in his passing, varying his time for his interests with bouts of laziness and reflection.

Dislikes: Malijirix dislikes the lesser races as he has come to know them, any races not of dragon origin are looked down upon. Expending his vital energies needlessly is also frowned upon, preferring to cultivate and expel his energy for things of equal gain. Also dislikes revealing private information about himself, intensely private he may attack if questioned about private matters.

Fears: His fear would be that sometime he may lose his lightning, thus in his eyes rendering him powerless.

General Appearance
Height: 45 feet tall with 100 foot length including tail.
Scales: Dark blue that reflect back any light sources that makes his scales glimmer. His scales course with a powerful energy, lightning arcing over his scales constantly. He is a lean and sleek dragon with back swept wings that are able to fold tightly against his back. Two horns atop his head that sweep back at an angle, lightning arcing between the tips of his horns.
Eyes: Gold
Appearance: He is a lean and sleek dragon with back swept wings that are able to fold tightly against his back. Two horns atop his head that sweep back at an angle, lightning arcing between the tips of his horns. Down along his spine is a single row of spike that continue down midway down along his tail. His joints armored with thicker scales to assist in his ability for burrowing into the ground effortlessly. His lightning gathering quickly when called upon and brought forth as either bolts or orbs of crackling energy. When he needs to he can appear humanoid with only a human form but covered in blue scales. Retaining his wings, tail and horns. Dressed only in blackened breast plate and and blackened loincloth with a pair of golden swords at his sides. A golden polearm with wooden accents resting along back.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Skydragon
Rank: None
Family: Born from a lone egg in an empty lair.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Skilled flying, hunting and combat. His mind is honed over time to remain cool and calm, calculating probabilities of his actions and waiting for the right time to strike
Special Abilities: Illusions and lightning control, borrowing into ground.
Weaknesses: Acid, poison.
Combat Style: Can adapt from fighting in dragon form with wings, tail and claw to humanoid form with swords and polearm.

History: A ancient blue dragon that rarely ventures openly into civilization, preferring the wilderness that allows him to hunt and pursue his studies in seclusion. Spending much of his time exploring and gathering unique and powerful items as he ascends the ladders of scholarly knowledge and power. He appears to be a typical blue dragon with frilled earfins and a pair of horns that curve back together from his head. Spikes running down the back of his neck the entire length of his body along spine towards the tip of his tail. The scent of ozone and herbs cling strongly to his blue scaled form, the acrid smell of ozone growing stronger when angered or preparing to use his magical abilities. He has large golden eyes that reflect his calculating intelligence, seemingly absorbing all details around him. The scales upon wing edges and tail blade sharpened and honed over gems of his hoard to create hard sharp edges that can cut deeply when used in combat. Resting upon his back would be his golden polearm that crackles with electricity, a open display of his wealth and power. In either dragon or his more humanoid form, his scales are a darkly colored blue that is highlighted with arcs of lightning that dances upon his scales constantly. His towering dragon form rarely drawn upon except when hunting or when in battle. He has a dominant personality, desiring to gather treasure and servants to expand his prestige and power in the realm.
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Malijirix, Traveler. Empty Re: Malijirix, Traveler.

Post by Akreious on Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:24 pm

Unofficial approved....?

Dunno hai  Awesome Smiley 

Prototype picture of Arcke by Shiningwater! Thank you for drawing Arcke-Kun!

Theme song for HIPHOP Arcke! ( warning it's weird and annoying )

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Malijirix, Traveler. Empty Re: Malijirix, Traveler.

Post by Malijirix on Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:25 pm

I had just joined the site and I am made this character here. Yeah unofficial.


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Malijirix, Traveler. Empty Re: Malijirix, Traveler.

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:45 am

Approved Razz


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