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Vulcan III., Master Blacksmith

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Vulcan III., Master Blacksmith

Post by Vulcan III. on Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:33 pm

Personal Info
Name: Vulcan The Third
Age: 56 in dragon years
Gender: Male
Personality: Vulcan is a reclusive dragon, usually not fond of walking among the others. He isn't a very social dragon since he spends most of his time alone at home, doing his work. However, he can be somewhat grumpy, being very unforgiving if someone gets on his bad side. But he can be caring for others if they are in danger. He acts sometimes like a fatherly figure, especially towards younger dragons than him as he has a lot of life experience.
Interests: Smithing, hot regions, lava/magma
Dislikes: Ice and snow, oceans, cold temperature
Fears: Water (not like drinking, he just can't swim)  

General Appearance
Height: A tad taller than the usual Firewing
Scales: His scales are of bronze color, being even harder than normal scales becuase of him continuously living in an active volcano. Those scales are able to withstand the temperature of the lava/magma inside as well as the lava/magma itself. This makes it able for him to actually do his smithing while standing inside the volcano's heat.
Eyes: A glowing amber
Appearance: Vulcan is a draconian Firewing, taller than the most. His tail is unusual broad while spines run down his back/spine. However, he is slower than the other dragons due to his mostly passive living style. His appearance consists mostly of spikes all on his body created by the heat of the volcano melting some of the scales together. He is also more often seen with his tools for smithing around as well as his favourite hammer for fighting purposes only.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Firewing
Rank: Blacksmith technically
Family: Most important members of his family are:
Vulcan I., Third Firewing King of Pyyria; Vulcan II., First royal blacksmith, then 11th King of the Firewings
Mate: None yet.
Hatchlings: None yet.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Vulcan's strength mostly lies within his smithery. He can create almost anything if he is granted with the right materials. He is also an above good fighter as long as he can wield his trademark weapon, the hammer Clarent. As a Firewing, he is not the greatest fighter, he relies more on his hammer and his natural and self-made armor. Since because he has his spikes made out of dragon scales, he is usually not one to be fought in close combat because of the danger to get hurt by said spikes.
Special Abilities: The most special ability is his born talent for smithery. He can, as long as he is given the necessary materials, make anything for anyone. He is the most talented crafter in all of Pyrria. He created armor meant to be worn for gods, his own hammer was his creation. He even claims his own skin to be crafted by his idea. Aside from that, it is his hammer, Clarent, that makes him special in fights.

Being made out of Tiramax, the hardest alloy found in Pyrria (a self-made metal by yours truly, can only be made within the fiery temps inside his volcano), it is very heavy, even for a war hammer. However, with him being strong enough to wield it since being a smith gives you great physical strength, it is a weapon to fear by all. If he strikes anyone with it, flames erupt out of it, making a ring of fire everytime he slamms it down upon his opponents. It also gives Vulcan an interesting ability. As long as he wields it, it will enhance his skin evenn further, to the point where he himself can turn into Tiramax. However, that robs him of his ability to fly. He can also create sentry turrets by smashing the hammer into the ground. These turrets shoot fireballs like the Firewings do.
Weaknesses: His biggest weakness is water. He can't swim and will drown in it. Also, he is bad at fighting in icy regions. He is not used to the cold temperature and will probably get sick. Another weakness is him turning into Tiramax. He will become indestructible but can't fly. He won't have much mobility considering he turned into a living metal dragon. However, Tiramax is immune to electricity.
Combat Style: He has two ways to fight. He either builds turrets around himself to use ranged combat. On the other hand, he can grab his hammer to get in close for some smashing. Otherwise, he usually isn't the type of fighter, trying to get himself out of combat as far as possible. However, he loves to see his hand-crafted armor used in fights to loof out for weaknesses and limits to further improve himself.

History: The history of Vulcan III. is not the most complex. As he was born inside the volcano he lives today, it was known, more felt, that he is a descendent of Vulcan I. and Vulcan II., making him an exceptional Firewing, able to lead a nation, able to craft the most beautiful things for himself, showing his status. But Vulcan was never like that. He denied the status of royalty and went to live a life as a normal citizen. However, he improved his own natural gift in forging, but not only for jewlery. He was quickly known as a master craftsdragon among the Firewings, able to make armor to withstand strong forces, magic or physical nature. The biggest mystery however is his hammer. He crafted it in his volcano, made an alloy that is meant to be indestructible, but no one knows how. Nobody knows what that metal actually is and how it is made. This secret alone belongs to Vulcan. And he would rather die then to actually tell it to anydragon.
Today he still lives in said volcano, spending most of the time at his furnace, at his anvil, swinging his tools to craft whatever he wishes to.
Vulcan III.
Vulcan III.
FireWing Vulcan
FireWing Vulcan

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Re: Vulcan III., Master Blacksmith

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:42 pm

Devorppa. Cheeky


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Re: Vulcan III., Master Blacksmith

Post by Akreious on Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:16 pm

Darn it beat it to me trin Razz anyways 8.7/10 Smile

Trivia note, hi hepheaseus or whatever the Greek god of the smith is :3 jk hi Vulcan!

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Re: Vulcan III., Master Blacksmith

Post by Avian on Thu Aug 14, 2014 3:41 am

Holy smokes, that is detailed! Anyway, I agree with Akre's score, 9/10. Razz

Anyway, Trinyah said approved, and what the lady says goes, Cheeky

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