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Kog'Maw, the Endless Hunger

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Kog'Maw, the Endless Hunger

Post by Kog'Maw on Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:11 pm

Personal Info
Name: Kog'Maw
Nickname: Koggy
Age: Hard to say, from the look of him, he seems to be relatively young, however sometimes he acts like an old and wise dragon, which actually makes sense since there is no time in the void.
Gender: Male
Personality: Koggy has quite an interesting personality depending on the situation. While eating, he is very stubborn to the point where he doesn't control his eating habits, resulting in eating until he falls asleep. If not eating or sleeping, he is a very curious fellow. Although he already traveled to various worlds, he still is able to learn and will learn everything on Pyyria, in his own way. Otherwise he is usually one who doesn't speak much with others and rather focuses on his own goals.
Interests: Eating, Sleeping, Learning (only his way)
Dislikes: Rain, Swamps, Ice
Fears: Usually he doesn't fear anything, however he tends to be very cautious around those who tower him. He knows that he can't just eat those and that they could just squash him like an insect.

General Appearance
Height: Koggy isn't the tallest, being as tall as a moderate Earthwing.
Scales: His scales are for the most part dark violet and smooth. His underside is a dark lavender.
Eyes: His eyes are a toxic green and slitted like of most reptilians.
Appearance: He is a moderately built dragon, not like the Earthwings, but rather like the usual Firewing. His wings are light purple and his horns are slightly darker than his eyes. He carries three rows of teeth in his mouth, the first two for biting, the last one for chewing. His tail is spiky, but otherwise just pretty standard.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: None since he originates from the void.
Rank: No rank.
Family: No family.
Mate: No mate.
Hatchlings: No hatchlings.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Kog'Maw has several strengths. For one, he obtains information in a very unique way, giving him the ability to learn while living in other worlds. Secondly, he has a variety of projectiles he can use to keep opponents at bay. Thirdly, he has enough sharp teeth to bite through solid steel, losing only some in the process, which regrow very fast.
Special Abilities: Now this is very interesting. Since Kog'Maw comes from the void, he has some abilities that no dragon from this world carries:
Bio-Arcane Barrage Koggy's body fluids change, causing his spit to be more aggressive than it already is. On top of that, his muscles used to spit are strengthened, leading to him being able to spit at more range than before. It is noticeable since his scales change to a glowing red.
Void Ooze Kog'Maw vomits a giant ball of ooze that rolls on the ground in a straight line. It continuously becomes smaller, but leaving a trail of said ooze behind. That ooze is not very aggressive but more sticky.
Living Artillery Kog'Maw violently vomits a living shell out of his stomach that travels across a very huge distance. Whenever it hits any target or the ground it was aimed on, it bursts apart, releasing highly aggressive stomach fluid, dissolving most organic and inorganic material. The shell is fired like a mortar, e.g. he aims at a target area and fires his shell up into the sky.
Weaknesses: His biggest weakness is the CQC (CloseQuarterCombat), be can still bite those coming too close to him, however he doesn't fight with his claws. If he can't keep distance from his enemies, he pretty much lost.
Combat Style: Since Kog'Maw does not have any sort of magic or elemental affinity, he has to resort on the only way he fought in his life. He spits at others while his spit isn't toxic but corrosive/acidic, dissolving many organic materials, including dragon skin, but only slowly. He has to keep his range to avoid getting too close for them to retaliate. His combat style heavily focuses around a mix between Living Artillery and Bio-Arcane Barrage, himself keeping distance to effectively bombard his foes with a variety of projectiles.

History: Koggys history isn't easily explained since he is a creature originating from a place we won't ever be able to imagine. But still, he had a life before coming to Pyyria. He wasn't born like we imagine most of life. He rather was created like all life in the void. And since he was created, he was given an unstillable hunger for everything. He first ate what was around him, continuing to fellow voidlings. However at one point, as one portal opened in the void and sent him to another world, he learned that things are different elsewhere and as such a new, dangerous hunger was born; the hunger for knowledge. With that, he continued traveling around different worlds, studying their inhabitants and everything that was new to him...until he came to Pyyria.

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Re: Kog'Maw, the Endless Hunger

Post by Akreious on Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:57 pm

Oohhh another anger type guy! This seems pretty good, pretty good stuff so about 8.8/10

Prototype picture of Arcke by Shiningwater! Thank you for drawing Arcke-Kun!

Theme song for HIPHOP Arcke! ( warning it's weird and annoying )

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Re: Kog'Maw, the Endless Hunger

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:28 am

Your character seems a bit overpowered, Koggy. Other then that I'd say approved!


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Re: Kog'Maw, the Endless Hunger

Post by Celestia on Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:01 am

your Life-Form Desintegration Ray is way too OP remove it entirely.



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