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[Important Info] The SkyWings

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[Important Info] The SkyWings Empty [Important Info] The SkyWings

Post by Kokoro on Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:00 pm

The SkyWings

You stare up at the cloudy sky and wonder why. Being as curious as you are, you decide to climb a very tall mountain to see up above the world so high. Though knowing you, you don't give in easily to failing.

Days passing, you're feeling exhausted trying to scale the mountain, but you are almost there. You can feel it. No giving up now. Entering the dark clouds, you begin to shiver from fright of falling or getting electrocuted. Fortunately for you, luck is on your side and finally surviving the great journey, you reach the top of the great mountain. Glancing all around, you feel accomplishment while taking in the whole scenery of the blue sky with the clouds under you. Nothing can stop you...except for the fact that you also feel weak from hunger and fatigue. Collapsing on the rockiness beneath you, feeling the cold air swirl around you, your consciousness fading.

What seems like weeks, has actually been a day. Slowly opening your eyes, you see a white figure in front of you. Now really being frightened, you jump up in terror but have nowhere to run. The figure looks like to be a dragon and you question if this is all a dream. The small white dragoness gazes calmly at you, causing no harm. You yourself calm down in the presence of the being, wondering what is this madness.

The dragon doesnt speak, though she gestures you to climb onto its back. Being as exhausted as you are and having nothing better to do, you agree to ride the white dragon. Now, flying through the air without much of a care, in the distance you notice something. It looks to be a castle...made up of clouds. The dragon you're riding on glances up at you, and you can tell it is smiling.


~ The land below us, where we used to call home, has been destroyed. SilverRoar Forest, HushWood Forest, Argent Lake and so on have been taken over by the Humans and rubble from the fallen palace of the SkyWings long past has marked the area. Being no longer use to us and such a loss for power, us SkyWings have created home in the sky where nearly none can harm us. Now there is a border set for the other dragons that can only fly up to a certain point. Also, the land we used to own has become unclaimed by us, however, hunting in the land shall continue.

~ The Endless Sky- The sky here seems endless, continuing beyond our borders and above our heads. Some say there is a different atmosphere all the way up, do you believe this?

~Thunder City- Where the clouds are dark and low rumbling roars sound out, along with lightning striking randomly.

~ Cloud Peak- A very tall mountain which its peak reaches into SkyWing Territory and is surrounded by clouds. It is a land mark for nearing the Palace and a popular breeding spot.

~ Floating Islands- As the title reads, there are many islands that float all around the SkyWing territory. Each one has has a unique feel to it and they all look different. There are all sorts of gorgeous attractions on each island like caves, forests, lakes, lava pools, rocky and icy terrain and many more!

~ SkyWing Palace- Home to many dragons part of the SkyWing Tribe. It is built upon the clouds we reside in. The castle is made up of clouds and is held together by magic to stay within the territory. It may seem small from a distance, but once you get near, it is an enormous maze. Many times, when a dragon is not authorized to enter the SkyWing territory, then the cloud castle would dissapear from the their sight. Tribe members can see it very well, its just others may not see it at all. There are many halls and rooms that contain cloud replicated items you would see in a regular human castle. The place may seem weak and fragile, however, since the last SkyWing Palace was demolished by evil forces, this new palace was created with re-enforced hardened clouds, layers of thick sleet, and ancient magic. A sturdy new kingdom to hold up for many years to come.

SkyWing Info

~ SkyWings are the fastest and most agile of all dragons. None can hope to match their superior speed and agility. They can dodge things other dragons would think impossible. The can fly so fast they can create storms.

~ SkyWings can blow a strong torrent of wind from their mouths knocking their opponents off their feet and make them quite dizzy or unconscious for a short time.

~ SkyWings also have a unique ability to manipulate lightning and electricity. They can even store an electric charge in their bodies and release it at will. Too much electricity can cause severe nerve damage though.

~ SkyWings can control the way the clouds shift and where the clouds float off to in general.

~ SkyWings are the smallest dragons in Pyyria.


~ Tribe Initiation: If you are born into the SkyWing tribe then you are a SkyWing. No initiation necessary. SkyWings are all about speed and agility. The initiate is to survive being set into a tornado which is normally created by the SkyWing Queen or King him/herself. The tornado contains lots of flying deadly debris. The initiate must fight the wind and make it out all the while dodging the dangerous debris that is hurled at them.

~ Trainee Initiation: A hatchling must be at least 10 dragon years to become a Trainee. A ceremony is held in the Cloud Palace and each member of the SkyWings must attend.

~ Tracker Initiation: A dragon wishing to become a tracker must first successfully track an outsider in their territory without being seen/caught until they leave. If the outsider stays longer than a day, they are to report back. The second stage of the initiation is a race inside a hurricane with existing Trackers. Again there is much more debris than in the Tribe Initiation test. The Initiate can't be more than 30 second behinds the last tracker to cross the finish line. Upon success there is a feast in the new Trackers honor.

~ Guardian Initiation: The Initiate fights the current SkyWing Queen or King. You are not going to win, the goal is simply to impress. If the Queen or King is impressed enough and you are accepted then there is a feast in the new Guardians honor.

~ Healer Initiation: The initiate must know all the herbs and poisons within SkyWing territory. They also have to have saved at least one dragon from a near death state. Upon acceptance there is a feast in the new Healers honor.

~ Vulcan Initiation: You are to show off to the whole tribe your skills in metal works by creating a sturdy and strong armor piece for a selected group of dragons. It must be quick and efficient, no slacking, taking breaks, or cheating. Powers already acquired may be used, however, there will be a limit put to your powers.

~ Lieutenant Initiation: You just have to be chosen by the Queen or King by showing great courage, responsibility and loyalty.

~ Queen or King Initiation: The lieutenant would take place of the Queen or King if they have died, or is missing. However, if another dragon, not the Lieutenant, were to steal the place of the Queen/King then the deputy would have to challenge the fiend unless otherwise.

~ Month of Feasting. On the first days of winter all the stored food over the year is brought out and the tribe feasts for the entire winter.

~ Month of training. On the last days of winter the entire month is spend religiously training and burning off all that fat they gained over the winter and get much stronger while they do it.

Food Category

~ Most of the time we eat all sorts of birds cruising around the territory, chasing them down can also increase our agility.

~ We eat almost any kind of land creatures every so often which may be used for feasts.

~ Fruit is no prey though eating it is also an enjoyment. It is used mainly for parties and ceremony dinners or even for a snack.

~ Cloud Cotton Candy - A very sweet treat made with fresh, soft, fluffy, white clouds and the sweetest sugar. Especially made on occasions, served at feasts and quite popular within the SkyWings.


EarthWings: Enemies
NightWings: Neutral
FireWings: Neutral
SeaWings: Neutral
IceWings: Allies
LightWings: Friendlies

Active-ish Members and Ranks

Queen/King: Kokoro
Lieutenant: Akreious
SkyWing God/Goddess: Zephyros
Healers: Silverwolf, Moka, Equinox
Vulcans: (Open)
Guardians: N/A
Trackers: Alysha, Shyann, Zyailor, Shiavee, Glorie
Scholars: TigerLily
Trainees: Rubytail
Hatchlings: Arella, Ryder
Wise Ones: N/A
Citizens: N/A
Rankless: Malijirix, Serafina
SkyWing Outcasts: Astral (Self-Inflicted)


One of a Kind - The Best Kind | The Swift - The Merciful
Undeclared Motto: SkyWings FTW!

This topic will be updated regularly. I will also update it if others ask me to add or change something and I am open to suggestions.

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[Important Info] The SkyWings Empty Re: [Important Info] The SkyWings

Post by Akreious on Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:15 pm

PERFECT.... All I have to say Smile

Prototype picture of Arcke by Shiningwater! Thank you for drawing Arcke-Kun!

Theme song for HIPHOP Arcke! ( warning it's weird and annoying )

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[Important Info] The SkyWings Empty Re: [Important Info] The SkyWings

Post by Solarflare on Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:55 pm

This is great Koko!

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me today XD
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